Yantai Polaris Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yantai Polaris Timepiece Group Co.,Ltd. It is originated from the Baoshi Clock Factory founded by Mr. Li Dongshan, a pioneer in ethnic industry, in Chaoyang Street, Yantai in 1915. It has a history of 108 years. Awarded the title of "Chinese Time-honored Brand" by the Ministry of Commerce. Our main products cover: production and sales of finished mechanical clocks, mechanical clock movements, clock accessories, quartz clocks, alarm clocks, digital information calendars, wooden products, home accessoriesas well as import and export of clocks and accessories.

The Polaris mechanical clock movement has been manually polished, assembled, and proofread. Our company produces high-end movements such as the skeleton, spring-winding, weight-driven and sight-valued antique series. Our movement have formed nearly a hundred varieties in seven major series, making it the largest mechanical clock movement production base in China and the most complete variety of the world. We have won numerous awards in the "Blue Light Cup" clock design competition. The product is popular in both domestic and abroad market; and sold to more than 30 countries and regions of Europe and America. Our exquisite manufacturing technology is in a leading level in the domestic industry.

The company adheres to a market-oriented approach and continuously promotes the extension of its products. It has now become a large-scale clock making enterprise in China that integrates multiple products such as movements, finished clocksand clock accessories.




Awarded Polaris the title of "Top 10 Enterprises in China's Light Industry Clock Industry"


The centennial celebration of China's clock making industry of the founding of Polaris was held in Yantai, China on July 10th.


Awarded as a "Chinese time-honored brand" and the title of "Top 500 Chinese Technology Brands"


Establish the Polaris Clock Culture Museum


Signed a supply contract for the clock system of Tehran Metro and suburban lines in Iran, marking the first large-scale entry of China's regional clock system into the international market


The tower clock and platform clock designed and manufactured by Polaris had been completed at Jinan New Railway Station


To pioneer the clock industry to developing DJ93 quartz timer for deep well use.


The Polaris clock is selected as time record of 7:00pm for the CCTV news broadcast


Yantai Clock Company produced Z3F "Auspicious Lucky" floor clock, gifted to the City Hall of Beppu, Japan inname of Yantai Government


Developed successfullythe third-generation electronic watch.Polaris 15 days mechanical pendulum clock participated national quality appraisal ofclock category and won top honor.


To pioneer the domestic market to establish Yantai Clock Technical School


Cooperated with the Institute of Geophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, successfully to develop the SY1 quartz astronomical clockwith an accuracy of+-0.5 seconds per dayto use conjunction with seismic recorders


Officially activate the "Polaris" international trademark


Restore exports, design of 104 ship clocks, success in trial production, filling domestic gaps, and selected to exhibit in China Revolutionary History Museum


Develop a hairspring clock and start mass production


Mr. Li Dongshan passed away. The clock craftsmen trained by Yantai Clock Factory had opened the clock factory in Tianjin, Beijing, and Shanghai city.


Producing the world's first lunar astronomical clock


Develop and produce single bell, double bell alarm clocksand 15 day mechanical pendulum clocks


Develop successfully 7days hairspring hour-strike wall clock


Defeat Japanese products, occupy the markets of North and Northeast China and sell well in many southern provinces


Self-supplementing new equipment to achieve self-manufacturing of mechanical clock parts


The first self-designed “BAO” brand mechanical pendulum clock was emerged.


Clock factory was established, having 83 self-made and imported equipment from Germany, becoming the beginning of China modern clock manufacturing industry


Assist Yantai Marathon
The century Polaris shines brightly

The 2023 Yantai Marathon started with gunshots fired at the Binhai Square at 7 o’clock on the morning of October 15th. There are more than 10000 runners from home and abroad gathered in Yantai again, and their agile figures became the most beautiful scenery along the way. Yantai Horologe Research Institute Co., Ltd. actively participates in the Yantai Marathon, cheering for marathon athletes, promoting the century Polaris brand and contributing to the development of spiritual civilization construction and integration of Yantai urban spiritual and cultural business.

The 2023 Yantai Marathon is hosted by the Yantai Municipal People's Government, with the theme of "Running • Love Yantai". Leveraging the natural advantages of Yantai's winding coastline, we are committed to creating the most beautiful race track. This competition features three events: marathon, half marathon and enjoy running 5 kilometers. The starting point of the competition is set at Binhai Square, the end point of the 5-kilometer run is set at Yumeiren Square, and the ends of the whole horse and half horse races are set at the Sports Park. The track passes through city landmarks and attractions such as Moon Bay, East Battery, Haiyun Square, Fisherman's Wharf, Yumeiren Square, Huanghai Amusement City, Sports Park, Natural History Museum, and Yangma Island, showcasing Yantai's mountains, seas, islands, bays and rivers comprehensively.