Polaris Timepiece Culture Museum

Following routine of the evolution of ancient Chinese timing instruments and the development history of Yantai clock industry, with the cultural connotation, technological contentand artistic value of clocks as the main points of view, takingmodern technological means such as sound and light to emphasize the historical significance, cultural depth, technological wonders, and artistic beauty of clocks, offering evaluation, aesthetic pleasure and participation interest to the audience.

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The century cultural heritage presents
The quality of products from Polaris is constant and precise like Polaris star

The Polaris star is the only constant star in the vast starry sky that points north, symbolizing eternal steadfastness and protection. Representing the excellent quality of "precision, uniqueness, and eternity" of Polaris Timepiece, the century cultural heritage also presents the constant and precise quality of Polaris products, just like Polaris Star.

Brand Story

The oldest ethnic watch brand in history

In 1915, Li Dongshan opened the Baoshi Bell Factory in Yantai. After producing mechanical pendulum clocks, we competed with foreign clocks with the promise of excellent quality, low priceand permanent warranty, gradually entering the market and selling well throughout the country. After a century of vicissitudes, Yantai's clock making industry has been passed down to today, presenting itself as the "King of Chinese Clocks" to the world. In 2010, Polaris was awarded by the Ministry of Commerce as a "Chinese time-honored brand".

Multiple selections of national etiquette

Jiang Zemin, General secretary of Communist Party of China visit the Soviet Union in 1991 and selected “Polaris” quartz clock as gift to the Red Army representative.
Hu Jintao, a member of Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China visited ColombiaIn 1997 andLi Peng, Chairman of the National People's Congress, visited Indiain 2001. They respectively selected "Polaris" Grandfather clock as national gift.

Top 10 National Light Industry Companies

In 2013, Polaris was awarded the title of "Top 10 Watch Industry" by the China Light Industry Federation. Prior to this, Polaris had successively won a series of honorary titles such as China's first batch of "Famous Trademarks", "China Famous Brand Products", "Key Export Brand Cultivated and Developed by the Ministry of Commerce", "Shandong Time honored Brand", and "National Quality Award".